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Victoria has had a fascination with movement from a young age. She developed this as she pursued her love for dance locally. Through school (Knutsford High) and college (Sir John Deane’s) as well as Helen Bates Dance School and Cheshire Dance and later into vocational training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and further with Edge Dance Company at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School. Performing in the U.K and into Europe and working freelance, performance seemed to become the focus. However she was soon drawn back into the fascination of movement mechanics and technique.

When first hearing about the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, she knew instantly that it was going to provide both the physical and mental insight into movement and training she was looking for.

After taking sessions for herself, not only did she notice and feel the benefits physically but also gained an enormous mental understanding of how the body can connect and stabilize to enable more freedom, precision and gradually more range and strength.

Victoria continued her GYROTONIC® training under Master Trainer Elaine Puren at Studio 74 in London Bridge before gaining Final Certification at Miami Beach GYROTONIC® under Master Trainer Karen Mullen of GYROTONIC®
Movement Centre Seattle.

Victoria truly believes the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® offers something for everyone from young to older, non-exerciser to elite athlete, male or female. It provides a great feel good factor and increases confidence. People are amazed at how they can get their own body moving. Victoria has a genuine enthusiasm for the system and its benefits and sharing this with others.

She is excited to be bringing the GYROTONIC® method to Knutsford, her home town.

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