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The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® allows total freedom of movement. Special attention is given to increasing the functional capacity of the spine. Rhythm and breathing patterns help stimulate circulation and the cardio vascular system, improving aerobic health and stimulating and generating an internal energy flow. Exercise patterns can challenge and enhance neuro-muscular coordination.

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Many ways of exercising can use linear and isolated movement patterns that can create uncoordinated strength, which in time may cause injury. The GYROTONIC® method uses fully adjustable equipment providing even and constant resistance that eliminates jarring.

As the name suggests, exercises consist of circular, spiralling, rotating and undulating movements, working the joints within their full range of motion. Strengthening and lengthening muscles and fascia simultaneously with none gripping muscular effort.

Working so specifically increases depth, quality and precision of movement, working deeper within our musculoskeletal system. It leaves you feeling freer and lighter and establishes an amazing sense of body awareness.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® can be used and practised by all. Whether to gain confidence in your mobility and feel good within your own body, or to develop and finely tune technique to enhance performance in specific fields. It is a process that will provide a ‘feel good factor’ and continual learning and development of your individual body.

GYROTONIC® exercise will have you standing proud and moving with confidence!
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