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Each session of 75 minutes is one on one instruction. Therefore, it is all about you! You will need to wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in and socks. On first meeting, you will have an informal chat with Victoria to gain insight into your expectations or targets and any injuries or conditions that may affect you.

There will be elements of prepatory and warm up work and demonstration, with the majority of the time spent actually working on the Pulley Tower. Victoria will work closely with each individual making sure they achieve as much from each session as possible, welcoming discussion and feedback from every client to ensure understanding, clarity and comfort.

There is a ‘Hands On’ approach to the teaching of GYROTONIC® exercises. This helps to physically guide clients through movement, correct alignment, gain range in movement and aid the learning/understanding process through the use of an additional sense.

There is no pressure or expectation and a relaxed and informal atmosphere is generated. The GYROTONIC® system is a form of exercise and not a passive treatment. It is also a process that will develop and evolve throughout your sessions. Its complexity and intensity builds along with your physical and mental understanding and as you and Victoria feel ready.

GYROTONIC® Equipment based classes are 75 minutes in duration.
Wear comfortable exercise clothing and socks.
Clients work under constant supervision.

GYROTONIC® Single Lesson (1-1)............................... £45
GYROTONIC® Block of 5 Lessons (1-1)...................... £200

Please note:
• All appointments to be made in advance.
• 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations, or full payment is required.
• Cancellations by telephone please NOT by email.
• Payment by cheque in advance or cash only.
• Block bookings are non refundable and valid for 4 months.
• Gift vouchers available.
• Taking part in physical activity is at your own risk.

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